Supporting families to respond to sex education and LGBT in schools and society.







Introductory (2 hours)

This introductory interactive seminar covers:

Our children are growing up in a hypersexualised culture. The Four dangers and how parents must respond in a holistic and proactive way.


1) Foundational Weakness: When our children are asked ‘why are you Muslim?’, the most common answer is, ‘because my parents are Muslim’. This leaves children vulnerable and weak to doubts and negative societal influences. They cannot understand why they are not able to do what their friends can do such as have a boyfriend or girlfriend. They also cannot rationalise why we believe LGBT lifestyles are morally wrong.

2) Emotional Insecurity: As parents we love our children, but how do we know our children know they are loved? Love is a basic need of every child. A child who does not feel loved, especially by their father, will become vulnerable and seek to fill that hole through sexual relationships and other aberrant behaviours. Love is experienced practically and in a way that does not require interpretation. It is understood, by children, through the 5 love languages.

3) Acceptance of societal norms: Our children’s norms are being shaped everyday by society. Through the TV programmes our children watch, the friends our children associate with, via social media that promotes aberrant behaviours and in schools, where these norms are promoted and celebrated. How do we disrupt these norms and align our children’s attitudes and behaviours in line with Islam?

4) Responsiveness Deficiency: One of the most common concerns parents have when seeking to respond to the LGBT onslaught is, how do we respond? For the longest time we have ignored this threat, hoping it will go away. This has allowed the LGBT lobby to monopolise what our children believe. How do we discuss LGBT with our children? What language do we use and avoid? How do we cut through the narratives which underpin these identities?

The session will also cover:

§ Parents legal rights in primary and secondary schools

§ How to approach schools



Day Course (one day – 6-7 hours including lunch and salah breaks)

The day course takes some of the themes addressed in the introductory course but in more detail. A workbook will be provided for all participants.

1. Building Foundational Strength (75 minutes)

How do we build a conviction in the truth of Islam in our children? Certainty in Allah’s existence, conviction that the Qur’an is the word of Allah and acceptance that Allah, not man, is best positioned to define what is good and bad.

2. Nurturing Emotionally Resilience (75 minutes)

How do we ensure our children know they are loved? One of the major causes of vulnerabilities to aberrant identities is the lack of overt love by a father to his children. How do we speak love in a way our children understand. This session will go through, in detail, the five languages of love.

3. How to Understand and Respond to LGBT narratives (90 minutes)

LGBT narratives are built on certain assumptions. For example one of the major assumptions is the claim that everyone has a ‘sexual orientation’ and this identity determines behaviour in a way that compels a person to action. This assumption and the resulting labels are made up and contradict the fact that every desire is controllable and behaviour changeable.

4. How to Discuss Sex and Relationships with your Children (90 minutes)

Discussing sex and relationships with children is something we don’t do with our children. The problem is, everyone is speaking to your child but you. How can we learn from the profound interaction between the prophet salAllahu alaihi wasallam and a young man who asked for permission to commit zina, to inform the way we speak to our children?

Includes a Q&A SESSION




This bespoke session seeks to support maktab teachers to be confident in how to address the RSE/LGBT fallout by creating a safe space in a maktab setting.

The session will include:

§ How to address LGBT narratives in a maktab setting

§ Practical scenarios

§ Legal and regulatory compliance

§ Action-planning

There is a fee to run these workshops. Please contact us to discuss your needs, look at available dates and discuss costs.


We believe our community cannot meet the contemporary challenges without strong Muslim families that strive to worship and obey Allah. The dangers of RSE in schools and the sexualised messages our children are subjected to present a real and present danger to this aspiration. We believe it’s important to empower parents, masaajid, makaatib and community organisations to meet this challenge. We cannot do so until we educate parents, children and the wider community to embody the attitudes and behaviours of Islam.


Short course for masaajid, makaatib/madaaris and community organisations (2 hours).


One day interactive workshops covering prophetic parenting, how to talk to children about sex, relationships and LGBT (day course).


Consultancy to makaatib to shape their response to sex education in schools and in society.